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Munis, Interest Rates, and The Fed

By Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global ARE MUNIS DIFFERENT? A bond by any other name is still a bond. A bond is a debt and all debts are IOUs. Corporate bonds, municipal bonds and U.S. Treasuries all fit the same definition. There are differences, of course. Nevertheless, municipal bonds have come in lately for their fair share of attention in the financial press. The subject[...]


By Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global The big question now is whether the Fed will pivot or not. Some, not a few, already believe that the decision has been made. Does it really make any difference? We think not. An assumption of higher prices for gold by some includes the belief that gold prices are influenced by the direction and level of interest rates. For some, there is an implied[...]

The Missing Puzzle-Piece in Precious Metals Investing: the PMC Ounce® – Bonus Analysis by Jim Rickards

Precious metals investors have a very focused strategy for wealth management. They funnel much of/most of their liquid wealth into gold and silver – to insulate their wealth from the ravages of central bank-created “inflation”. As discussed in a recent article, gold is the premier instrument for both wealth preservation and long-term investing. Silver is currently significantly[...]

Currency vs Real Money De-Mystified in 90 Seconds – Video

Contrary to the widely accepted narrative and excuses for its persistence, the reason punishing inflation exists is because we do not transact in real money. If you work for a living, try to save and invest, and pay for life's expenses, you know that costs are getting far ahead of earnings and returns. This is because what is believed by most to be money is not, but mere currency. The[...]

Gold: Ultimate Preserver of Wealth and Ultimate Investment

Authored by Jeff Nielson for Neptune Global Gold is money. Every other monetary instrument is just currency. The economically accepted definition of “money” has several requirements. However, the central and intrinsic property is that real money must be “a store of value”. Here gold distinguishes itself from all other so-called money (except silver) in two ways: its longevity of [...]

Signs of a Slowing Economy

From Neptune Global SLOWING ECONOMY OR MORE INFLATION? Notwithstanding the expectations for a Fed pivot, along with expectations for inflation to get a lot worse, there are numerous indicators that the economy is slowing considerably. Evidence of that slowing has shown itself in several areas: 1) economic activity, 2) commodities prices 3) stocks and bonds, and 4) interest rates. [...]

Gold and Silver Commitments of Traders Update

Presented by Neptune Global Last week we updated the bullish weekly chart views of gold and silver. This week we update an important sentiment indicator for the metals, the most recent Commitments of Traders (CoT) report. The CoT is a weekly reading of the positioning of traders in gold, silver and commodities of all types. Its view at any time is an indicator of risk vs. reward[...]

Gold Mining Stocks – Is The Power of Leverage What You Think It Is?

Authored by Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global GOLD MINING STOCKS VS GOLD  Most investors who own gold mining stocks are in them because they expect higher prices for gold. In addition, they expect their gold mining stocks to outperform gold. With the assumption of relatively fixed mining costs for gold, a higher gold price increases the potential selling price for the end product. [...]

Gold and Silver Weekly Charts Thru The Lens of Technical Analysis

From Neptune Global Aside from gold’s long-term value as an enduring and sound financial asset, many people take interest in the shorter-term aspects of owning the monetary metal and its monetary/commodity sidekick, silver. Today we update the weekly chart technical status of both metals. In future articles we’ll cover the Commitments of Traders for gold and silver. These are important [...]

Real Price of Gold

By Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global Gold has again broken through $2000 oz. and closed above that price. Certainly that is significant. We know that the current price of gold is near its all-time high and has flirted with that same point on several occasions in the past three years. However, with a focus on the U.S. dollar and the effects of inflation, perhaps we can provide some[...]

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