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Month: May 2023

Purchasing Power of Gold

By Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global RISING PRICES FOR BREAD AND GAS Food and energy prices receive headline attention because of their impact on consumer budgets. Post-Covid there has been a sharp spike upwards in the cost of groceries that seemed to catch most people off guard. In addition, the cost of gasoline at the pump has remained at a relatively high level for several years[...]

Munis, Interest Rates, and The Fed

By Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global ARE MUNIS DIFFERENT? A bond by any other name is still a bond. A bond is a debt and all debts are IOUs. Corporate bonds, municipal bonds and U.S. Treasuries all fit the same definition. There are differences, of course. Nevertheless, municipal bonds have come in lately for their fair share of attention in the financial press. The subject[...]


By Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global The big question now is whether the Fed will pivot or not. Some, not a few, already believe that the decision has been made. Does it really make any difference? We think not. An assumption of higher prices for gold by some includes the belief that gold prices are influenced by the direction and level of interest rates. For some, there is an implied[...]

The Missing Puzzle-Piece in Precious Metals Investing: the PMC Ounce® – Bonus Analysis by Jim Rickards

Precious metals investors have a very focused strategy for wealth management. They funnel much of/most of their liquid wealth into gold and silver – to insulate their wealth from the ravages of central bank-created “inflation”. As discussed in a recent article, gold is the premier instrument for both wealth preservation and long-term investing. Silver is currently significantly[...]