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Gold at $3,000 and oil at $100 by 2025? Citi analysts don’t rule it out

There’s an off chance that gold prices could soar to $3,000 per ounce, and oil to $100 per barrel within the next 12 to 18 months, according to Citi. Central bank aggressive purchases, stagflation, and a global recession are catalysts that could drive the price of the yellow metal almost 50% higher, Citi analyst said. Gold prices could soar to $3,000 per ounce, and oil to $100 per[...]

Gold Demand Trends Full Year 2023

High gold price reflects strong demand Another year of blistering central bank buying, together with resilient jewellery consumption, offset sizable ETF outflows.   Annual gold demand (excluding OTC) of 4,448t was 5% below a very strong 2022. Inclusive of significant OTC and stock flows (398t), total gold demand in 2023 was the highest on record at 4,899t. Central bank buying[...]

Gold, When All Else Fails, Part 1: China’s Last Resort

A glimpse of America's future? Author: JOHN RUBINO Since the beginning of recorded history, people have viewed gold as 1) money and 2) something to be replaced by sexier financial instruments whenever possible. Today’s fiat currencies, for instance, exist because governments find creating “wealth” out of thin air much more fun than living with a fixed money supply. And[...]

CSPM – Wealth Allocation – January 2024

 Going into 2024 the CSPM™ asset allocation model looks like this: Equities overall, are rich.  Long-Term Bonds face supply headwinds from large increases in debt and credit expansion.  Shorter-Term Bonds and cash equivalents have attractive yields. Credit Spreads on Corporate Bonds are historically tight, agency mortgage spreads offer value.  Allocation to[...]

Gold Outlook 2024

Where do we land from here? Gold had a strong 2023, defying expectations amid a high interest rate environment, and outperforming commodities, bonds and most stock markets. As we look forward to 2024 investors will likely see one of three scenarios (Table 1). Market consensus anticipates a ‘soft landing’ in the US, which should also positively affect the global economy. Historically, soft [...]

De-Dollarization Watch: It’s Definitely Happening

Author: JOHN RUBINO De-dollarization events that would once have been a big deal have become common lately. Some examples: UAE officially stops using dollar for oil trades (Watcher) - The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is asking BRICS countries to settle oil trade in local currencies and not the U.S. dollar. The Middle Eastern nation is aiming to diversify its economic[...]

Is Gold A Manipulated Market? If so, it’s now manipulated upward

Author: JOHN RUBINO Some readers responded to last Wednesday’s post on gold’s trading pattern (Gold: Resistance Is … Finite) with shock that I didn’t know gold is a manipulated market where technicals don’t matter. This gives us a good jumping-off point for a look at several forms of gold manipulation that have been practiced over the years: Wall Street traders use[...]

Why is Gold Outpacing the Stock Market?

"Gold tends to outperform stocks during periods of fiscal and monetary expansion, price instability, and periods of geopolitical conflict and uncertainty. As such, one might wonder if gold might be the outperformer for the remainder of the 2020s." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TziZGYXl-0 Source: cmegroup.com/openmarkets/economics/2023/Why-Is-Gold-Outpacing-the-Stock-Market.html [...]

Buy Gold Now Or Wait?

Should you buy gold now? Or, should you wait? The pat answer is "it all depends"; which is true, but, it’s an inadequate answer. A bigger problem might be the question itself. Why would someone who is planning to buy gold now decide to wait? Some people might hesitate because they haven't seen the price action they expected. For others, it might be a lack of[...]

What Gold Needs

"Gold needs weak economic data as a catalyst to push prices higher..." trumpeted a headline this past weekend.  In a similar vein is the oft stated claim that "a recession is good for gold".  Several months ago, someone said that all gold needed to move to new highs above $2000 was lower inflation numbers.  Earlier this year, the supposed "catalyst" for higher gold[...]

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