Month: August 2023

Four Signs The Economy Is In Decline

IS ECONOMIC GEAR STUCK IN REVERSE? It is one thing to complain that the economy is not growing, or, that economic activity is slowing; but the charts below indicate something more serious. Economic activity is in decline and the decline might be accelerating. First, lets look at industrial production... Industrial Production Real output for all facilities located in the[...]

Too Soon For New Highs In Gold

NEW HIGHS IN GOLD Anticipation for explosive new highs in gold has risen sharply since last fall. After rising above $2000 earlier this year for the fourth year in a row, the gold price has dropped back to the mid-$1900s and continues to tease investors with somewhat lackluster performance. Regardless, we need to be clear about the expectations for the price of the yellow metal. The [...]

Stock and Bond Expert Makes Case For PMC Ounce and Gold – National Debt A Key Price Driver

Macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions have investors bewildered.  Events which are unfolding look like they may crush the valuations of several asset classes which had enriched investors over the past decade.  To help give us some direction at such a time, Neptune-GBX is pleased to share the insights from a market veteran and visionary who forecast the financial crisis of 2008[...]

Fears Of Recession Support Gold Price??

It is time to set the record straight - again... A recession, no matter how severe, will not have any appreciable effect on the gold price.  A recession is a period of weak economic activity. Recessions can be accompanied by a weaker dollar; however, that is not usually the case. In fact, severe recessions and economic depressions can trigger deflation. In those cases, it means a[...]