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Expert Economist Calls The PMC oz,

“The Holy Grail of Investing”

I have dealt with Neptune Global for three years and have been very happy with the experience for both metals purchase and delivery, as well as the PMC ounce storage. Being a boutique metals dealer, I have a designated salesperson who understands my investing philosophy and how precious metals add diversification to my asset allocation needs and concerns. Rather than paying for a celebrity spokesperson on tv, Neptune Global offers competitive pricing and storage rates. I highly recommend them!

George M – from Bullion.Directory

PMC Ounce® Rate of Return vs. Gold, Silver, and Platinum

PMC Per Ounce Fixed Weight Components

Per Ounce Physical Composition
PMC Index® and PMC Ounce®

Real Time Component Value Per PMC Ounce

Per ounce total value at spot
market price $121.14

$ 22.13
$ 67.44
$ 22.21
$ 9.36

Per ounce component values at
spot market price.

Pricing as of 04:23 New York Time
September 23, 2023

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The PMC Calculator is for example purposes only. No trade is taking place by using the PMC Calculator.
Actual transaction pricing may vary due to market conditions and applicable premiums and/or discounts.
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PMC Index® and PMC Ounce®

What is the PMC Index®
The Precious Metals Composite Index is a fixed-weight index comprised of the four primary precious metals and expressed as an ounce. The weighting of the four fractional ounce component metals in the index is designed to represent a diversified investment in the precious metals in terms of dollar allocation. The PMC Index factors in the spot market prices for each weighted component metal and thereby provides a consolidated view of the price changes across the precious metals spectrum. See figures 1 and 2 above.

PMC Ounce®
The PMC Ounce® (Precious Metals Composite) is a dynamic physical precious investment asset that provides the same diversified and weighted allocation of precious metals that comprise the PMC Index. The PMC Ounce trades in real time and allows an investor to capture and combine the value associated with each metal’s time tested characteristics as a store of wealth, inflation hedge, currency hedge and unique industrial applications. The PMC Ounce has been awarded a US Patent based on its innovation as a physical precious metals investment.

Backed 100% with Bullion, Allocated in the Investors Name, and Documented
Each PMC Ounce is backed 100% with physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion. These metals are stored on an insured bases at a non bank bullion depository and allocated in the owners name. Verification of the investor’s bullion holdings are provided to the account holder directly from the depository, an entity independent from Neptune Global.

Delivery Option for the PMC Ounce®
Providing maximum investment flexibility, Neptune Global offers investors the option to convert their holdings of PMC Ounces into metal for delivery. The PMC Ounce is a measured unit of trade backed 100% by physical bullion, not a fabricated bullion round. Contact Neptune Global for delivery program details and complete information on the PMC Ounce.

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