Month: October 2023

What Gold Needs

"Gold needs weak economic data as a catalyst to push prices higher..." trumpeted a headline this past weekend.  In a similar vein is the oft stated claim that "a recession is good for gold".  Several months ago, someone said that all gold needed to move to new highs above $2000 was lower inflation numbers.  Earlier this year, the supposed "catalyst" for higher gold[...]

Central Bank Gold Demand Is Even Stronger Than It Looks

Author: JOHN RUBINO When sales are actually purchases Central banks have morphed recently from net sellers of gold to increasingly aggressive net buyers. And the buying is even more aggressive than it seems. Here’s the story in three charts: When the global financial system nearly imploded in 2008, central banks stopped selling gold and started buying. To put this buying[...]

Some Needed Perspective on Gold and Silver

As the prices for gold and silver continue to vacillate, investors and others who are price dependent might find themselves a bit anxious regarding both metals lack of obligatory action to the upside. One of the most oft-stated arguments in favor of higher prices for gold (particularly) and silver is their presumed sensitivity to inflation.  Simply stated - as inflation gets worse, the[...]

Neptune-GBX® and Fiduciary Trust International Team Up to Provide Precious Metals Investors with Institutional-Quality Custodian, Cash Management & Reporting Services

Strategic Relationship Between Physical-Bullion Trading Platform & Global Wealth Management Provider Work Together to Simplify Investing in Precious Metals WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Neptune-GBX®, an international precious metals dealer and exchange operator, is enhancing its dynamic suite of products and services through a strategic relationship with Fiduciary [...]