Year: 2023

Banking Crisis Looms Large

By Neptune Global Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, Credit Suisse, First Republic, and now Deutsche Bank; the list grows longer and soon it will be too bothersome to list them all. Right now the focus is on the individual banks and things they did or didn't do. Also, there is the tendency to affix blame and causation to risky loans and bad banking strategy. However, the problem extends[...]

Physical Gold Never Needs a Bailout and Never Goes To $0

Gold and silver are timeless forms of real money and have been unmatched store of wealth for over 2,000 years. When you own PHYSICAL gold and silver, you do not need a central bank or government to "support the price" or "keep it whole." Physical gold and silver stand on their own and have never gone to $0. Understand why gold and silver are the ultimate stores of wealth and a key toward [...]

Berkshire vs. Gold – Mainstream Financial Media Hates This Reality

Source: Bonner Private Research We were wow-ed by a chart sent to us on Sunday by our sidekick, and investment director, Tom Dyson. We’ve been exploring how the numbers used by the feds are mostly lies and misinformation. The statistics are monsters, with arms sewn on where there should be legs…and ghastly heads made of pig iron. The money itself – the post-1971 dollar – is phony and[...]

Welcome To the Death Spiral – It took way longer than it should have

via John Rubino's Substack Gold bugs and other long-suffering critics of fiat currency and endless credit expansion have for decades been predicting that soaring debt would eventually blow up the financial world. As the story went, governments with unlimited printing presses would spend and borrow too much, forcing their central banks to keep interest rates unnaturally low to make interest[...]

Gold And The Shrinking Trust Horizon

via John Rubino's Substack Last week I posted an article on the implosion of the official vaccine narrative. That’s a controversial topic so not surprisingly it generated some heat on both sides. And a few readers expressed the wish that I’d stay in my lane (precious metals investing) and avoid venturing into unrelated and less well understood territory. But believe it or[...]

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