Year: 2023

Will The U.S. Dollar Collapse?

by Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global  DOLLAR COLLAPSE?  It seems as if the U.S. dollar is under constant attack. Calls for its imminent collapse are heard daily. Fears of worsening inflation, expectations for hyperinflation, a weaker dollar, and political machinations of the BRIC countries populate the headlines. Some investors are even more vocal and sound at times like[...]

The Nobility of Central Bank Action

by Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global The Federal Reserve has made it clear that its intention to get interest rates up to a higher level is a work in progress; and that investors and consumers shouldn't assume otherwise. Speaking before the House and Senate Banking Committee, Chair Powell said that still higher rates were needed to fight inflation and to expect more increases this[...]

It Was Never About Gold – Always About the Dollar

By Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global There is only one thing anyone needs to know regarding the price of gold.  That one thing is best stated in the form of a simple question: "How much purchasing power has the U.S. dollar lost?"  The answer to the above question tells you whether gold is realistically priced or not. For example, with gold near $2000 oz., its price is a[...]

New Global Reserve Currency Not Required – U.S. Dollar Losing Supremacy via Side Deals

Is it a mistake to believe the U.S. dollar is immune to repudiation until a new global reserve currency emerges to replace it? Could a "death from a thousand cuts" be an interim threat to the status of the mighty dollar? This unique perspective and several other "out of the box" observations can be heard in the following interview: Chris Blasi of Neptune Global interviewed on The Daniela[...]

Gold, Interest Rates, and U.S. Dollar – What You Need to Know Now!

by Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global For most investors and market analysts today, there is little or no reference to the period 1960-80 as it pertains to gold and interest rates. There are some of us around, though, who experienced it both personally and professionally. The Fed's concerted effort to raise rates has been underway for a little over one year now, and investors are[...]

Bank Failures and Government Deficits

By Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global WHEN WILL THE OTHER SHOE DROP?  Mainstream media has been relatively quiet about bank failures lately. Has the risk of more bank failures decreased; or has the gravity of the situation lessened?  Likely not, in either case; and the lack of "newsworthy" articles on the subject may be part of an effort to shift focus away from the matter.[...]

Surprise! Real Estate and Gold Have a Symbiotic Relationship – Provides Maximum Balance

From Neptune Global Most investors are not aware that the real estate versus gold debate is fallacious. This is referring to that misleading belief that an investor choose to invest in either real estate or gold. That these two timeless assets cannot logically coexist within the same portfolio. In just three short minutes, this video clearly demonstrates that not only is the gold versus[...]

Purchasing Power of Gold

By Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global RISING PRICES FOR BREAD AND GAS Food and energy prices receive headline attention because of their impact on consumer budgets. Post-Covid there has been a sharp spike upwards in the cost of groceries that seemed to catch most people off guard. In addition, the cost of gasoline at the pump has remained at a relatively high level for several years[...]

Munis, Interest Rates, and The Fed

By Kelsey Williams for Neptune Global ARE MUNIS DIFFERENT? A bond by any other name is still a bond. A bond is a debt and all debts are IOUs. Corporate bonds, municipal bonds and U.S. Treasuries all fit the same definition. There are differences, of course. Nevertheless, municipal bonds have come in lately for their fair share of attention in the financial press. The subject[...]

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