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Month: July 2014

U.S. Ally Cuts Off Communications with Obama and Seeks New Trade Outside Dollar

July 22, 2014 On July 21, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan spoke in an interview with Turkey's ATV television, and confirmed that his office had cut off direct communications with President Obama, and in fact, were no longer even answering calls received from the White House. In addition to this startling announcement regarding a long standing U.S. ally, the Russian Ministry of[...]

The “Gates” Are Closing: SEC Votes Through Money Market Reform – Another Step in Prep for Next Crisis

It was nearly five years ago when Zero Hedge first wrote: "This Is The Government: Your Legal Right To Redeem Your Money Market Account Has Been Denied" in which we predicted as part of the ongoing herding of investors away from every other asset class and into stocks, regulation will be implemented to enforce that "money market fund managers will have the option to 'suspend redemptions to allow[...]

We’re in the Third Biggest Stock Bubble in U.S. History – Insiders Sell Stocks and Retail Investors Jump In

Brett Arends - MarketWatch - July 18, 2014 Here’s a quick question for you. What do the following years have in common: 1853, 1906, 1929, 1969, 1999 Pass the question around your office. Call your money manager and ask him or her, too. Post it on your office notice board. Give up? Those were the peaks of the five massive, generational stock-market bubbles in U.S. history. Investors who[...]

OECD Fears Middle Class Civil Unrest Is Coming

Authored by Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics blog This idea that we live in a world where government cares about us is just the biggest propaganda ever. Everyone one will only pursue their own self-interest. The OECD has interesting come out and warned that if governments are unable to stop the transfer of wealth to a small financial elite, the displeasure of the dispossessed middle[...]

Terrifying Banking Crisis Is About To Accelerate – Nigel Farage

On the heels of continued trouble in the European banking system, today MEP Nigel Farage told King World News that people need to brace themselves because the banking crisis is about to accelerate. Farage also spoke about the new president of the European Commission and what investors should expect from the gold market since the banking crisis is only going to get worse from here. Eric King:[...]

BOMBSHELL: It Has Begun- Germany to Break From US/UK, Join Russia/China Alliance!

It is finally happening in full view, in unmistakable manner, in a way that the awake, the aware, and the conscious can perceive in alarming stunning terms. The central force of Europe, the industrial juggernaut, the stable core, has begun to pivot East. The Germans have had enough, fed up with destructive US activities of all kinds. For the last few months, they have been laying out their[...]

Insider Trading and Financial Terrorism on Comex – Paul Craig Roberts

Editors note:  Because of nefarious activity in the financial and precious metals markets, such as you are about to read about,  owning physical precious metals as a store of wealth is of paramount importance. Believing the opportunity to acquire precious metals at any time in the future by individual investors is a major risk.  Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler July 16, 2014. The[...]

Gold Back Over $1,300 and Palladium at 13 Year High On New Russia Sanctions – The Logic of the PMC Oz

Editors note: There are four precious metals, all of which have been rising in price since the start of the great PM bull market in 2002.  Overlooked by most investors are platinum and palladium.  Neptune Global has made investing in these metals (in physical form) easy and convenient with the PMC Ounce.  More information about this patented physical precious metals investment asset is[...]

Gold Flowing to Asia – West Sells Its Future to Live in the Moment

As the MUST SEE charts below clearly demonstrate, gold is rapidly flowing out of the West to Asia…after a short layover in Switzerland. More and more gold is flowing towards the emerging economic powers in Asia. We do not conclude this based on just anecdotal evidence, but also based on the Chinese gold imports through Hong Kong and the increasing flow of gold out of Switzerland and the United [...]

Gold Has Outperformed Stocks Ever Since the Gold Peg Was Broken

I bet your financial planner never told you this.... Graham Summers - July 14, 2014 Gold is often shunned by investors in favor of stocks.As Warren Buffett has noted, Gold doesn’t do anything “but look at you.” It doesn’t pay a dividend or produce cash flow.However, the fact of the matter is that Gold has dramatically outperformed the stock market for the better part of 40 years. I[...]

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