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Month: July 2014

Why interest rates may stay very low for a lot longer – LA Times

By Tom Petruno July 6, 2014 Since the financial crash of 2008, one of the biggest guessing games in the U.S. economy and markets has centered on interest rates — and when they would finally rise from the historic lows that followed the Great Recession. But year after year, analysts who predicted a sustained rebound in rates have been foiled. The long stretch of rock-bottom rates has been[...]

Richard Russell – Meltdown In The U.S. Dollar & Oil To Hit $150

At nearly 90 years old, the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, warned about a possible meltdown in the U.S. dollar and also said that oil is headed to $150. If the 60-year market veteran’s worst fear is realized, it will absolutely devastate an already crumbling middle class in the US. Russell: “My single biggest worry is the US dollar. It's now clear that Russia and China are [...]

Market Recap – Gold Continues to Power Upwards but the PGM’s Point Even Higher

  From: Neptune Global Holdings - July 1, 2014 The precious metals continue to outperform in 2014 against a backdrop of negative commentary from the financial press at large and poor investor sentiment. This scenario has been a textbook setting in the eyes of contrarian investors. Year-to-date gold has delivered an impressive gain of 9% and appears to have broken the agonizing two year[...]

Historic “Golden Cross” to Create Explosion in Gold and Silver

Today KWN is putting out a special piece which features three incredible charts showing that the gold and silver markets are about to see the all-important “Golden Cross” take place These are the types of charts that the big banks follow closely, as well as big money and savvy professionals. Below are the extraordinary charts sent to KWN by Tom C. along with his commentary. “In the[...]

Gold Is Going To $1,900 If It Breaks Out Upside Of This Wedge

Graham Summers  June 30, 2014 Let’s talk about Gold… Many analysts believe that the precious metal is DEAD due to its having fallen from a record high of $1900 per ounce to roughly $1200 per ounce today (a 36% drop). However, this price movement, while dramatic, is quite inline with how commodities trade. Gold has already posted one drop of 28% (in 2008) during its bull market, before [...]

Gold Ends Higher, Gains 6.1% For Month

Washington (June 30) Gold futures ended slightly higher on Monday, with dollar trending lower against a basket of few select currencies even as investors await some key economic indicators later this week including the monthly US employment data. Gold prices jumped 6.1% for the month, while recording a gain of 3% for the quarter ended June. Meanwhile, a Bloomberg report indicated gold shipments [...]

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