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Gold Bugs Might Have Their Day in 2016

By Sue Chang SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Judging by the gloomy commentary and headlines, there isn’t much cause to recommend gold as an investment option in the near term--a far cry from 2013 when some analysts had boldly predicted that gold would trade at $2,000. That exuberance hasn’t been justified, so far. Gold for June delivery GCM5, +0.64% was looking to snap a three-day losing [...]

The Fed is Heading for Another Catastrophe – Roach

With so much dry kindling, it will not take much to spark the next conflagration. By Stephen Roach NEW HAVEN, Conn. (Project Syndicate) – America’s Federal Reserve is headed down a familiar — and highly dangerous — path. Steeped in denial of its past mistakes, the Fed is pursuing the same incremental approach that helped set the stage for the financial crisis of 2008-2009. The[...]

Forget Media Cheerleading and Face Facts – Incomes are Much Lower than You Think

By Alicia H. Munnell The recently released Census Bureau publication Income and Poverty in the United States: 2013confirmed the dismal picture presented in the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances that median household income has not recovered from the financial crisis and the Great Recession. The publication also contains fascinating information on the level and distribution of[...]

As Gold Timers Throw in the Towel, It May Be Time to Buy – The last time such gloom set in, gold staged a rally

By Mark Hulbert CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (MarketWatch) — Gold is finally getting close to a bottom in prices. That is the surprising conclusion of contrarian analysis, which for months now has stubbornly refused to turn positive on gold — even as the yellow metal has suffered a death by a thousand cuts. Just this week, for example, bullion hit a fresh three-month low — among indications that[...]

How a Fed Misstep Could Mean a Golden Age for Gold – Fed Track Record Indicates High Probability of Blunder

If the Fed has been wrong about inflation risk all this time, gold could be the beneficiary. Editors Note: The Fed has been using economic models that have been seriously underreporting inflation levels in the real economy, as per John Williams of Shadowstats.  Therefore, we believe that the possibility of a fed misstep, as outlined in the following commentary, has a very high probability of[...]

3 Warning Signs Predict 20% Stock Tumble – When These Indicators Flash Together…SELL

By Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch Over the past 45 years, the stock market has lost more than 20% each time three warning signs flashed simultaneously. After a selloff this past week dragged the Dow Jones Industrial Average into negative territory for the year, it’s worth noting that all three are flashing today. The signals are excessive levels of bullish enthusiasm; significant overvaluation,[...]

How Much Did Subprime Loans Fuel GDP boom? Economy Running on Subprime Loans Again?

By Steve Goldstein, MarketWatch WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — It’d be tempting to think that the days of subprime loans fueling the economy were a product of the era of the aged or departed Ace Greenberg, Alan Greenspan and Angelo Mozilo. Except when you break down the growth in GDP, it’s clear that car and light truck purchases played a major role. And subprime loans, in turn, are financing [...]

We’re in the Third Biggest Stock Bubble in U.S. History – Insiders Sell Stocks and Retail Investors Jump In

Brett Arends - MarketWatch - July 18, 2014 Here’s a quick question for you. What do the following years have in common: 1853, 1906, 1929, 1969, 1999 Pass the question around your office. Call your money manager and ask him or her, too. Post it on your office notice board. Give up? Those were the peaks of the five massive, generational stock-market bubbles in U.S. history. Investors who[...]

Another sign the bull market (in stocks) is nearing its end

Analysis: Companies no longer want to buy their own shares, a worrisome sign By: Mark Hulbert - MarketWatch CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (MarketWatch) — Here’s another sign the bull market in stocks may be nearing an end: Companies have dramatically reduced share repurchases. New stock buybacks fell to $23.2 billion in June, the lowest level in a year and a half, according to fund tracker TrimTabs[...]

If ever the stock market flashed a ‘sell’ signal, it’s now – It’s not too late to cash-out and reallocate

By: Michael Sincere MIAMI (MarketWatch) — I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: Is this market going to go up another 10%? I have no idea. But this being a powerful market that can blow your account clean off if you’re wrong, you’ve gotta ask yourself: “Do I feel lucky?” Most investors seem to feel pretty confident that this market will never go down. But if you’ve[...]

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