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The Great Disconnect——Central Bank Driven “Markets” Have Nothing To Do With Economics


The German bund yield is soaring like a rocket today. After touching on the truly lunatic rate of 5 bps only a few weeks back, it has just crossed the 60 bps marker. Needless to say, when a blue chip 10-year bond widely held on @95% repo leverage moves that far that fast—–there is some heavy duty furniture breakage happening in fast money land.

But don’t cry for the bond market gamblers. They already made a killing front-running the ECB.  During the 16 months between January 2014 and the April peak, speculators in German 10-year bunds would have made a 350% profit using essentially zero cost repo funding. So in the last few days they have given a tad of that back while making a bee line for the exit.

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