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Rick Rule: Have the Cash and Courage to Sustain Your Trade

For the past five months, we’ve been writing in the DR’s email edition, about the danger debt and derivatives tied to the U.S. shale gale posed while crude oil lingers in the $40-60 range.

We had occasion to ask Rick Rule about this thesis and more recently.

Rick needs no introduction. He’s founder of Sprott’s U.S. Global Holdings and is considered one of the most able natural resource investors alive today.

Our full conversation is published below. Among the topics covered were:

  • The small tweak that could send the price of gold from today’s $1,193 to much higher levels…
  • The U.S debt explosion. “We were either very wrong then” says Rick, “or we’re very wrong now…”
  • The likelihood of the Fed raising rates… and a telling sound bite Rick overheard Alan Greenspan say in New Orleans…
  • Where the price of oil might be headed 18 months out… three years out… and beyond…
  • Whether Rick agrees with the “Oil Bust” thesis we’ve been teasing out in these pages (Spoiler: He doesn’t agree. And he IDs two events you need to mark on your calendar to see who’s right…)
  • The companies you should look to if you have a limited amount of money as an investor and are wont to buy the market’s “lottery ticket”…
  • A new junior gold miners ETF that gives you two very important advantages over the established Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF…
  • And much more!

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