Enormous Bullish Gold Bet Was Just Made With Call Options

By Brian Spurlock

Someone with a big pocket, for sure a professional, made a huge Gold bullish option bet during the last trading session. The trader purchased 40,000 Mar 2015 GLD or SPDR Gold Trust (ETF) (NYSEARCA:GLD) gold call options. The strike of the call options was $120, which is not very far from the current price of about $117, so the premium paid was huge. Still due to the limited time until March 2015, it’s obvious that the option trade was a bold, directional bet expressing the view that Gold might appreciate up to $130-$135. The amount committed to the trade was $10+ million. If the price of GLD reaches the range $130-$135 before expiration, this pro trader, probably working at a desk in a big bank or a hedge fund, will make between 300% and 600% of his investment or $20-$50 million net profit.

Chart analysis also shows some positive technical setups. We have a MACD bullish divergence. There were three higher lows of the MACD with 3 lower lows of the Gold price. You can also see on the chart a bullish falling wedge. Such formations have historically led to many huge price reversals. If it breaks, it will probably do it fast in our view.

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