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All Systems Go…Are We About To See A Historic Melt-Up In Gold & Silver?

Today one of the wealthiest people in the financial world stunned King World News when he said we may be nearing a point where we see a historic melt-up in gold, silver, and the mining shares. Rick Rule, who is business partners with billionaire Eric Sprott, also discussed exactly how this historic advance will unfold and why the up-moves will be so incredibly violent.

Eric King: “Rick, are we finally seeing the more than 3-year bear market in gold and silver coming to an end?”

Rule: “You and I both believe in higher precious metals prices, Eric, so it’s tempting to say yes. Bear markets end with capitulation selloffs. I think we were on the verge of a capitulation selloff six weeks ago but we didn’t get one. The questions is, do we have to see a capitulation selloff this time? The answer is, of course not….

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