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Fund Manager on Worst PM Manipulation in 14 Years: Something Ominous This Way Comes

The precious metals have been under the most intense and concentrated period of downward price manipulation by the Federal Reserve/U.S. Government that has occurred over the last 14 years, except for the summer/early fall 2008. Something really bad is occurring behind the scenes with our economic and financial system that is not yet obvious. But I have a feeling we’ll soon find out. By PM[...]

The Silent Death Of The U.S. Dollar – A Powerful Motive Behind Planned Military Chaos

By Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics: To begin, I would like put forth the observation that the U.S. Government has become particularly belligerent militarily toward the rest of the world. Anyone who thinks the U.S. is not provoking Russia and China all over the globe has their head in the sand or is incapable of looking at the facts outside of the tragically skewed propaganda coming[...]