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RIA’s & Wealth Advisors

Neptune-GBX® offers complete precious metals trading, custody, reporting, and support services for RIA’s and wealth managers through its institutional trading group. Financial professionals can now purchase, hold, and liquidate a wide variety of traditional and globally accepted gold, silver, platinum and palladium physical bullion investment assets.

Additionally, Neptune-GBX offers innovative and patented physical bullion investment products which are optimized to address various goals, objectives, and requirements of both investors and advisors. The Neptune-GBX platform provides investors and their advisors with the most comprehensive suite of physical bullion investment products and services in the world.

Grow Your Business
Precious metals are a key component for every investment portfolio. Neptune-GBX empowers the independent advisor to include precious metals investment options which do not have the counterparty risk associated with exchange traded products and funds – physical bullion. Independent advisors now have access to an asset class which has historically only been available to wealth advisors and clients of the global investment banks.

Transaction Options and Reporting
Neptune-GBX supports multiple business models utilized by RIA’s and professional wealth managers. The AUM business model is supported by Neptune-GBX reporting on client positions to the advisor through industry standard data services. For advisors that opt to not include their client’s physical bullion holdings on their consolidated statement, Neptune-GBX can support “trading away” transactions.

Investment Solutions – Physical Bullion
Neptune-GBX offers physical bullion for investment, including; gold, silver, platinum, palladium, in four convenient forms:

  1. Bars from globally recognized and exchange approved refiners
  2. Coins from the world’s sovereign mints
  3. The Neptune Gold and Silver Vault Accounts® – Turnkey, very liquid, efficient, and flexible
  4. PMC Ounce® – Provides turnkey diversification plus all the benefits of a Vault Account

PMC Ounce®
The PMC Ounce® (Precious Metals Composite) is a dynamic physical bullion investment product that provides the same diversified and weighted allocation of precious metals that comprise the PMC Index®. The PMC Ounce has been structured to seek a better risk adjusted return versus a position in either gold and/or silver alone. The PMC Ounce has been awarded a patent based on its innovation as a physical bullion investment product. Learn more about THE PMC OUNCE

Neptune Vault Accounts®
A Vault Account is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to invest in physical bullion. These turn-key assets include the Gold Vault Account, Silver Vault Account and patented PMC Ounce. The Neptune Vault Accounts leads the precious metals investment world as the most innovative and option rich way to own, safeguard, and trade physical bullion. Learn more about Neptune Vault Accounts

Custody & Storage
All stored assets are vaulted and insured in an exchange approved depository and titled in the investor’s name, under the custody of either Fiduciary Trust International (a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Templeton) or Neptune GBX. Selection of the custodian is made by the advisor and/or investor.

Getting Started
Our customer service team and bullion specialists are available to answer your questions and help you get started. Submit your inquiry at Contact Neptune-GBX or call 302-256-5080.