Neptune vs ETF

​$10M in Gold/Silver mix (CEF) vs Neptune-GBX​
= ​

$59,000 Saved Per Year
$295,000 Saved Over 5 Years

Four Ways You & Your Clients Can Beat The Gold & Silver ETFs

  1. 25%-66% Lower Carry/Management Costs
  2. Holdings Reportable via All Leading Advisor Wealth Management Systems
  3. Direct Ownership of Underlying Assets and
    100% Backing Helps to Mitigate Counterparty Risk
  4. Realistic Delivery Options If Needed or Required

How do advisors better serve their clients and
grow their business when allocating dollars into precious metals?

The precious metals are a key component within a truly diversified and balanced investment portfolio.  Additionally, gold and silver are unique assets which allow investors to take a position in various forms; funds, derivatives, physical and other investment vehicles.​

Most individual investors and financial advisors believe the “easiest to manage” option in the market for gold and silver investors are the ETFs.​

Gold and silver ETFs present themselves as “easy to trade” alternatives to a more cumbersome process of trading and owning physical bullion. While this is true in some respects, there are also a host of other considerations, including various risks, costs, and claims to ownership, which are commonly overlooked and not fully understood by holders of ETFs.​

There is a superior alternative for gold and silver investors. The Neptune Gold and Silver Vault Accounts® combine the security of 100% backing and direct asset ownership along with ease-of-trade.​

Additionally, the Neptune Gold and Silver Vault Accounts have a lower on-going carrying cost then the ETFs, and Neptune’s products are designed to support the business models of the wealth management industry, broker dealers, and other financial professionals.​

Additional details are presented on the following pages.  For an in-depth discussion into this dynamic opportunity for both advisors and investors, contact Neptune-GBX​.

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