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Why the Financial and Political Systems Failed – Nomi Prins

Nomi Prins calls out the policy error deluxe that has been the topic of so much commentary at Le Café over the past few years.

What is perhaps most striking is that this failure is so bipartisan in a time of contentiousness. It crosses not only parties but professions, from academics to politicians.

As you know I have featured several articles and videos of hers as she introduces her latest book, All the President’s Bankers which is insightful, well-founded and researched, and essential to any understand of what is happening today.

As you know I have ascribed this to the credibility trap. Insiders never speak ill of insiders, if they which to remain a part of the power elite. This is reinforced in the Ivy League and the halls of power. And so leaders and potential leaders are hopelessly compromised and entangled in a self-serving system of abuse of power and corruption.

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