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This Will Dislocate Every Market In The World – David Stockman

Today David Stockman warned King World News about what he says will dislocate every market in the world, including stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate. KWN takes Stockman’s warnings very seriously because he is the man former President Reagan called on in 1981, during that crisis, to become Director of the Office of Management and Budget and help save the United States from collapse. Below is what Stockman, author of the website contracorner, had to say in his powerful interview.

Eric King: “What the Bank of Japan just did, you obviously had a big piece that you put together on that (unprecedented move). Aren’t Europe and the United States going to have to respond to that with their own money printing? They can’t just let Japan lead the race to the bottom (in the currency wars). And doesn’t that force the other Asian countries to print more money as well?”

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