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Hyperinflation To Start in 2015: Economist Says Get Supplies : “Gold, Silver, Canned Goods, Toilet Paper, Bottled Water…”

Mac Slavo February 19th, 2015 It’s impossible to predict when and how our economy will finally reach a breaking point, but according to contrarian Shadow Stats economist John Williams it’s coming one way or the other. The only thing we can do now is to prepare for it and that means stockpiling critical supplies, just like you might for an earthquake or snowstorm, but in larger[...]

Why Gold is a Better Bet than Oil – Especially for the Next 5 Years – MarketWatch

By Cody Willard I've been saying for a while now that I don't see any reason to try to game a bottom, or any type of trade for that matter, in oil/energy. We've made a lot of money and avoided a lot of heartache over the years sticking with our strategies. Unless oil drops to like, say, $20 a barrel and there's a wave of bankruptcies in the sector where we could go in and buy the survivors, I'm [...]

Central Banks Are Boosting Their Gold Reserves – Bloomberg

by Eddie Van Der Walt and Nicholas Larkin Excerpts from the full story.... (Bloomberg) -- Central banks purchased enough gold in 2014 to buy 75 Boeing Co. Dreamliners. Governments added 477.2 metric tons to their reserves, the second-biggest increase in 50 years and 17 percent more than a year earlier, the World Gold Council said in a report Thursday.... Central banks have added to gold[...]


Posted on February 10, 2015 by Silver Doctors Has a NEW Gold Bull Market Trend developed since the November 6, 2014 low? The answer is stacking up to be a big YES! Want proof? Submitted by Bo Polny: In a November 2014 post title ‘With Gold’s $1180 Triple Bottom Broken, Is the Gold Bull Market Over?’ (see LINK HERE) the Gold charts below were presented comparing Gold vs. other world[...]

Richard Russell Warns Global Crisis To Get Worse – Sell All Stocks And Buy Gold & Silver

As the world continues to digest breaking news out of Greece, today the Godfather of newsletter writers, 90-year old Richard Russell, warned that the global crisis will get even worse, so investors need to dump all common stocks and buy gold and silver. Russell also discussed why even tougher times are still ahead for the world. Richard Russell: “I had expected an upside blow-off to occur,[...]

TD’s Melek Sees Platinum at $1,600, Palladium at $860 in 2015

By Teresa Matich At the precious metals panel6 that rounded out Cambridge House International’s 2015 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference7, most of the discussion focused on gold8 and silver9. However, moderator Rob Levy did ask panelists one question about the platinum group metals (PGMs). Although only two of the four panelists offered answers — Bart Melek, TD Bank’s head of[...]

Optimism vs Pessimisim – Martin Armstrong

by Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics There is little doubt that we live in interesting times. However, it is not always doom and gloom. What you have to understand is there will never be any change or reform without the doom and gloom. We have to crash and burn in order to create what Joseph Schumpeter called Waves of Creative Destruction. [...] There was the Great Depression, which everyone [...]

Fed President Drops a Bombshell Yesterday: Fed Removed QE3 Too Soon

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens Wall Street on Parade The monetary policy arm of the U.S. central bank, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), is getting hammered this week. On Monday, two researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco chastised the FOMC for effectively wearing rose-colored glasses since 2007 and getting the rate of economic growth mostly dead wrong. (More on that[...]

History In the Balance: Why Greece Must Repudiate Its “Banker Bailout” Debts And Exit The Euro

by David Stockman • February 2, 2015 Now and again history reaches an inflection point. Statesman and mere politicians, as the case may be, find themselves confronted with fraught circumstances and stark choices. February 2015 is one such moment. For its part, Greece stands at a fork in the road. Syriza can move aggressively to recover Greece’s democratic sovereignty or it can desperately[...]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Central Bank Forecasts – James Rickards

by James Rickards Daily Reckoning The most dramatic battle yet in the currency wars took place last month. It was the financial equivalent of a Pearl Harbor sneak attack… “I find it a bit surprising that he did not contact me,” IMF Director Christine Lagarde told CNBC’s Steve Liesman that day, “but, you know, we’ll check on that.” You can almost imagine the conversation[...]

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