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Paul Singer Slams The Fake World: “Fake Growth, Fake Money, Fake Jobs, Fake Stability, Fake Inflation Numbers”

Excerpted from Elliott Management's Paul Singer letter to investors, FAKING IT Nobody knows when reality will overtake the rhetoric, lies, phony statistics, wishful thinking, fake prices and tiresome poseurs pretending to be world leaders. The situation is universal, a consequence of incompetent leaders and careless (or ignorant) citizenry. Global problems are continuing to mount, along with[...]

Jim Rickards Exclusive Interview: The Fed Basically Still Uses LTCM’s Financial Models

By Henry Bonner Hi Jim. You have recently published Currency Wars and now The Death of Money. Are you expecting a global collapse of every currency? And if so, a collapse relative to what? I expect a collapse in the value of currencies relative to real goods, real assets and real services. This will happen to all currencies, not just the dollar. I don’t expect a word where people lose[...]

China’s Massive Holdings of Gold Bullion. Is the West Financially Bankrupt?

Alisdair Macleod of Goldmoney.com in a recent article suggests China may already have accumulated between 20,000 and 25,000 tons of gold prior to 2002. Please read this very carefully as it makes very good sense and puts a piece into the puzzle which was missing for so long. Let me also add, if this turns out to be true then it is THE biggest financial news since August 15, 1971 when the U.S.[...]

Silver Analyst Who Predicted Silver’s Crash to $15 Three Years Ago Says Massive Rally Coming

November 2, 2014 From SD report... Nearly 3 years ago, with silver trading near $40/oz and gold near all-time nominal highs, gold & silver analyst Marshall Swing shocked the PM community by warning that silver would crash to $15/oz, then rocket past $1,000/oz as fiat collapses! Fast forward to Oct 31st, 2014, and silver has indeed crashed to a $15 handle. Does the ONLY precious metals[...]

Gold Soars and Stock Futures Plunge over Fed Minutes

Madrid (July 10) Gold prices jumped sharply on Thursday for a second straight day of gains, while stock futures tumbled as the reality of the Federal Reserve’s end to its bond-buying program began to gel with investors. At last check, gold for August delivery GCQ4 +1.49% was up $17.70, or 1.3%, to $1,341.60 an ounce. September silver SIU4 +2.31% added 50 cents, or 2.4%, to $21.54 an ounce. A[...]

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