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Marc Faber Warns “Frankenstein” Global Financial System To Collapse

from King World News On the heels of increased geopolitical tensions, particularly in Ukraine, and the Greeks manevering to avoid default, today legendary Marc Faber warned King World News that the “Frankenstein” global financial system is going to collapse. Eric King: “There are over one quadrillion dollars of derivatives that could melt down the global financial system.” Marc Faber:[...]

Market Expert Marc Faber: Gold Will Rally 30% in 2015 – Savvy Players Set for Huge Gains in Precious Metals

LONDON (MarketWatch) — Gold has absorbed its fair share of the commodities-market blows in recent years, but now is the time to move back into the precious metal, according to superbear Marc Faber. ‘[T]he only way to short [central banks] is to go long gold, silver and platinum. ... That’s something I will do.’ - Marc Faber “I’m positive [that] gold will go up substantially [in[...]

Important Lessons from the 12 Largest US Bear Markets

By: Marc Faber In the late 1990s, just ahead of the bursting of the NASDAQ bubble, I reproduced, courtesy of the late Peter Bernstein (author of Against the Gods), a table showing how many quarters of previous capital appreciation were given back in the 12 largest US bear markets since 1929. In the meantime, we have had another three bear markets and I have updated his table to reflect the new[...]

Marc Faber on Commodity Cycles, Monopoly Central Banking and the Wealth Redistribution Craze

The Daily Bell is pleased to present this exclusive interview with Marc Faber: Daily Bell: Hello, again. Since last we spoke, in June 2011, things have grown worse in some cases and better in other ways. How do you see the world today? What pleases you the most economically and what are you most concerned about? Marc Faber: Economically, there is not much that pleases me because I think we are[...]