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Open Windows of Opportunity With Jim Rickards

Formulating a Strategy when Inflation and Deflation Stare You in the Face by James Rickards Today’s investment climate is the most challenging one you have ever faced. At least since the late 1970s, perhaps since the 1930s. This is because inflation and deflation and deflation are both possibilities in the near term. Most investors can prepare for one of the other, but preparing for both[...]

Here’s What Central Bankers Will Do Next

by Bill Bonner Worse Off We’ve been meaning to write about what hasn’t happened yet. Not that we claim any knowledge of tomorrow or the day after. But we can look at the present. And here’s a guess about where it might lead. The middle classes – aka “the voters” – expressed themselves last week. They have been sorely used and they know it. The biggest money-fabricating program of[...]

Europe: the storm clouds are gathering once more

Britain faces five more years of austerity, and Europe’s woes will only increase the pain By Jeremy Warner For many people in Britain, Jean-Claude Juncker represents all that is worst about the European Union – arrogant, complacent, instilled with an unshakeable belief in the manifest destiny of ever closer union, and apparently anti-British to boot. Yet everyone has at least one[...]

China hoarding gold to challenge U.S. dollar? – USA Today

by Eric McWhinnie, The Cheat Sheet USA Today In a world filled with fiat currencies, how important is gold’s role in the financial system? Proponents often view the precious metal as a hedge against economic chaos, while critics typically claim gold is hardly more than an unproductive rock. Interestingly, some countries appear to believe gold is quite important, and one former Fed chair[...]

US Economic Growth is All an Illusion

by John Crudele New York Post As voters were coming out of the polls on Tuesday, pesky reporters were asking why they voted the way they did — and what was going through their heads? The most popular response — from 45 percent of the voters — was the economy. Only 28 percent said their families were doing better financially. The economy is always the major issue in an election during[...]

The Difference Between Currency Wars and Financial Wars

by James Rickards Note: It’s easy to confuse “currency wars” with “financial wars”… But in the following conversation with Sprott Global Research’s Henry Bonner, Jim Rickards explains why there is one major difference people often overlook… and it’s the one reason we’re more likely to see a currency war than a financial one. Read on… Henry Bonner: Hi Jim. You have recently [...]

They’re Burning The Furniture Now

by David Kranzler Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper. Francisco’s Money Speech – When Atlas Shrugged Last night around 12:30 a.m. EST, $1.5 billion of paper gold was dumped into the Comex Globex computer trading system[...]

Paul Singer Slams The Fake World: “Fake Growth, Fake Money, Fake Jobs, Fake Stability, Fake Inflation Numbers”

Excerpted from Elliott Management's Paul Singer letter to investors, FAKING IT Nobody knows when reality will overtake the rhetoric, lies, phony statistics, wishful thinking, fake prices and tiresome poseurs pretending to be world leaders. The situation is universal, a consequence of incompetent leaders and careless (or ignorant) citizenry. Global problems are continuing to mount, along with[...]

Why We’re Poorer: Inflation And Deflation Are Now Globalized

by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog, We're being hit with a double-whammy: Wages are under deflationary pressure, and almost everything else is exposed to inflationary pressure. As correspondent Mark G. observed in Globalization = Permanent Instability, it's impossible to understand inflation and deflation now except in a global context. Now that prices for commodities such as oil and[...]

BusinessWeek Wants YOU To Become A Keynesian Debt Slave

There are those, increasingly more of them, including such shocking statist luminaries as Alan Greenspan (the person more responsible for today's global depression than anyone else) and the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, who are realizing that the old debt=growth, saving=bad, spending=prosperity and inflation=utopia economic paradigm, the one unleashed by John Maynard Keynes, is the[...]

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