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Bankruptcies Suddenly Soar Across Corporate America, Worst First Quarter Since 2009

“Come down to Houston,” William Snyder, leader of the Deloitte Corporate Restructuring Group, told Reuters. “You’ll see there is just a stream of consultants and bankruptcy attorneys running around this town.” But it’s not just in Houston or in the oil patch. It’s in retail, healthcare, mining, finance…. Bankruptcies are suddenly booming, after years of drought. In the first[...]

Why It’s So Difficult to Repair Stuff: It’s Made That Way

by Charles Hugh Smith Of Two Minds Everything made with cheap, unreliable parts/components will break down long before the entire assembly has lost its utility. In Here’s What’s Wrong with Corporate America–and the U.S. Economy (December 17, 2014), I concluded that once Corporate America books the sale, they’re done with customers. Customer service after the sale (when the upfront[...]