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Central Banks Are Boosting Their Gold Reserves – Bloomberg

by Eddie Van Der Walt and Nicholas Larkin Excerpts from the full story.... (Bloomberg) -- Central banks purchased enough gold in 2014 to buy 75 Boeing Co. Dreamliners. Governments added 477.2 metric tons to their reserves, the second-biggest increase in 50 years and 17 percent more than a year earlier, the World Gold Council said in a report Thursday.... Central banks have added to gold[...]

Mission Accomplished: Retail Piles In To Stocks As Pros Pile Out – Rug to be Pulled Out in Near Future

With year-end target after year-end target having been met and raised by the oh-so-ethical sell-side strategists and asset-gatherers, it appears the Fed's grand plan of dragging every bit of cash into the increasingly more risky equity markets is working. After a rally driven more by financial engineering that real sustainable growth, Bloomberg reports, individual investors are plowing money back [...]