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How Our Crazy Money System Works

by Bill Bonner Acting Man Squirrelly and Subtle Yes, we were in London, taking care of business. Now, we’re back in Buenos Aires. We’ve tried medication. We’ve tried prayer. We’ve tried heavy drinking – all in an effort to understand how our crazy money system works. And where it leads. You’d think it would be easy. It’s just Central Banking 101, no? Well, no. It is squirrelly… [...]

Is Real Estate Really Real? – Ownership Can Be Ephemeral

by Ramsey Su Acting Man Deflation is upon us. There is excess capacity in everything far in excess of demand. Every Central Bank in the world is devaluing its currency. The US alone added over $4 trillion to the Fed’s balance sheet. Abe has been going hog wild in Japan during the last two years. Euroland is finally joining us with a “me too” QE. Under these circumstances, it should be a[...]