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Precious Metals Market Leader and Innovator Neptune Global Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Neptune Global proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary in the bullion and precious metals markets. Yet, more than simply celebrating our anniversary, we commemorate our core product suite’s developmental and market milestones.

Famed ocean explorer Edith Widder once said: “Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth.” 

Innovation has been at the core of our value proposition and the driver of brand achievement as we continuously strive to create user-friendly assets that empower precious metals investment.  

The genesis of our ever-evolving product suite began in 2002 in physical bullion and has grown to include our trading platform, client portal, precious metals IRA, Vault Accounts®, and the patented PMC Ounce®, which has delivered a greater total return versus gold and silver since going live in 2009 until today (April 18, 2022) (1) (2)


Over the last 20 years, each Neptune Global product milestone has created new opportunities for investors to better leverage the benefits of precious metals investing.  Neptune made this possible by capturing and incorporating the conveniences associated with exchange traded products (ETP/ETF) and funds while remaining faithful to our core convictions related to the time-tested value of physical precious metals ownership.

We Are Proud to Share Neptune Global’s Key Milestones Over the last 20 Years:
  • 2002 – Company officially formed as Neptune Global Holdings LLC. Operations begin as a physical bullion dealer serving individual investors.
  • 2005 – Neptune Global launches its dynamic product platform under the name Neptune-GBX® (Neptune Global Bullion Exchange).
  • 2006 – Neptune creates and brings to market the Neptune Vault Account® for trading, owning, and securely storing physical gold and silver. The Vault Accounts provide investors with a turn-key investment product incorporating proprietary transaction and reporting technologies. The advent of the Vault Account brought to market more efficient trade execution, greater transparency, and superior liquidity versus what was, and still is, offered in the traditional physical bullion market.
  • 2009 – The PMC Ounce® (precious metals composite) is brought to market. The PMC Ounce incorporates the supporting technologies of the Vault Accounts into a diversified physical bullion asset. The weighting and structure of the PMC Ounce are designed to seek a superior risk-adjusted return versus a position in gold and/or silver alone.
  • 2013 – Neptune Global is awarded a patent for the PMC Ounce®

Our leadership in the market comes with a responsibility to resolve barriers to entry and create cutting-edge tools and solutions that make investing more accessible, flexible, efficient, and comprehensive for our clients.

In the spirit of creating technology-enabled tools that empower investors, our latest development is the Neptune GBX Mobile App.  Our mobile app delivers real-time pricing data 24/7 for all the traditional precious metals, the  PMC Index®, and leading cryptocurrencies. (3)

Additionally, the mobile app provides alerts for essential market insights, relevant news items, and informative commentary.

With few direct competitors innovating, we identified a market opportunity to develop an app designed to help clients track the value of precious metals more easily, particularly with our addition of the PMC Index® price quotes.


  • 24/7 Real-time spot prices for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium
  • Live pricing for the world’s premier broad-market precious metals index
  • Access 24/7 cryptocurrency market prices
  • Market action and trend updates along with exclusive insights and observations 

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, Neptune Global’s resolve is galvanized as we continue our mission to bring greater innovation to the global precious metals investment market and provide world-class service and support.

We invite you to download our latest exclusive publication, Why Crypto or Gold in 2022: An Expert Insights Report.

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1) Past performance is not an indication of future returns

2) Neptune Global, (2021) Neptune Global’s PMC Ounce™ Rose 26% in 2020, Again Beating Individual Components on Risk-Adjusted Basis in Strong Year for Precious Metals


3) Chris Blasi Quote: Neptune Global, (2022) Neptune Global Holdings LLC Announces Launch of Neptune-GBX® Mobile App