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Legend Just Warned Greek Deal Has No Substance And The Crisis May Become Catastrophic Financial Ebola

From King World News

Eric King: “After the news of this so-called deal with Greece was announced, I thought of one guy on the planet I could call to find out what this really means and that’s you, Art. You’ve been doing this for over half a century, you are a legend in the business and honestly, I don’t know who else I would call to get some clarity on this unless I went straight to the Greek Prime Minister himself. What is your take on this announcement?”

Art Cashin: “It looks to me like all they (Greece) have bought here is time. The Greeks asked for six-months and they (the EU) gave them four-months. They (the EU) told Greece that if they lived up to certain conditions, the payments that were already due would be made.

So as Gertrude Stein once said about some place, ‘There is no there there.’ Well, there is no there there with this package either. It is a simple attempt to delay and buy more time for further discussions to see if they can reach a compromise.”

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KWN Cashin 2:20:2015