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Gold ETF Market Breaks: BlackRock Suspends ETF Issuance Due To “Surging Demand For Gold”

We knew it would eventually happen.  Our view is that the next big development will be the lack of any available physical gold and silver for investors (at these low prices).  When we arrive at that point it will be too late for the fearful, complacent, and those who put their trust in the advice put out by the mainstream financial media. BlackRock's Gold ETF (IAU) has seen fund inflows every[...]

Big Money and Central Banks Move to Gold – The World is Changing

Gold surges to one-year high on fears of financial uncertainty By Clara Denina LONDON (Reuters) - Gold surged nearly 4 percent on Thursday to its highest in a year as fears about financial instability, a lower dollar and U.S. Treasury yields persuaded investors to seek refuge in the precious metal. Traders said financial instability fears were fuelled by European bank shares slumping to[...]

Does the Huge and On-Going Drop in Gold Inventories Portend Eventual Default

Something Snapped At The Comex There had been an eerie silence at the Comex in recent weeks, where after registered gold tumbled to a record 120K ounces in early December nothing much had changed, an in fact the total amount of physical deliverable aka "registered" gold, had stayed practically unchanged at 275K ounces all throughout January. Until today, when in the latest update from the Comex [...]