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Silver’s Record Industrial Demand and Deficit to Underpin Prices

(Bloomberg) -- After a strong start to the year, silver should remain supported by record industrial usage and a supply deficit, according to the Silver Institute. Industrial consumption hit an all-time high in 2023 and is expected to expand another 9% this year, driven by green-related applications such as solar panels, the institute said in its World Silver Survey report on Wednesday. That[...]

Chris Blasi: Gold’s Price Move is Real, Long-awaited Returns Coming

Chris Blasi of Neptune Global shared data that he believes validates gold's price move and shows the metal still has room to run. The gold price has risen to historic highs, but some market participants still aren't sure if the move will stick. Chris Blasi, president of Neptune Global, shared data that he believes validates the yellow metal's uptick and confirms that it has much[...]

The Gold Investing Madness Is Just Getting Started

It's that time of year again—the end of March Madness, a period when sports fans are fully immersed in the exhilarating action of the NCAA men’s and women’s playoff basketball games spanning several weeks. What unites sports enthusiasts during this period is the quest for an elusive perfect bracket. With more than tens of millions of Americans submitting brackets each year, anyone who has[...]

Gold prices have been hitting record highs — here’s why the rally is far from over

Gold prices hit a new all-time high on Thursday, and there’s still room for it to surge as several countries are on a gold-buying spree. Prices could rise to $2,300 per ounce in the second half of 2024, especially against the backdrop of expectations that the U.S. Strong physical demand for gold is also fueled by its appeal as a safe-haven asset and investors looking to diversify amid[...]

Investors Go For Gold As Prices Surge—But This Asset Is Still The Best Investment, Poll Finds

Americans favor gold as the strongest long-term investment at the largest proportion in over a decade, a new survey found, as equities lose favor while the precious metal hovers at a near record high. KEY FACTS About a quarter (26%) of Americans view gold as the best investment over the long term, according to a Gallup poll conducted between April 3 and April 25 among 1,013 American[...]

The U.S. national debt is rising by $1 trillion about every 100 days

The nation’s debt now stands at nearly $34.4 trillion, as of Wednesday. Since June, the last two $1 trillion jumps occurred in about 100 days. The debt load of the U.S. is growing at a quicker clip in recent months, increasing about $1 trillion nearly every 100 days. The nation’s debt permanently crossed over to $34 trillion on Jan. 4, after briefly crossing the mark on Dec. 29,[...]

Getting To $100 Silver, Part 1: Rising Solar Demand, Stagnant Mine Supply

Thanks to the Mineral WEALTH Substack for this one Author:JOHN RUBINO (CNBC) - Pending home sales, a measure of signed contracts on existing homes, dropped 1.5% in October from September. I visited a local coin shop last week to see what they had in stock. And the answer was…nothing. They had not a single silver bullion coin. How can a coin shop function without its most[...]

Gold at $3,000 and oil at $100 by 2025? Citi analysts don’t rule it out

There’s an off chance that gold prices could soar to $3,000 per ounce, and oil to $100 per barrel within the next 12 to 18 months, according to Citi. Central bank aggressive purchases, stagflation, and a global recession are catalysts that could drive the price of the yellow metal almost 50% higher, Citi analyst said. Gold prices could soar to $3,000 per ounce, and oil to $100 per[...]

Gold, When All Else Fails, Part 1: China’s Last Resort

A glimpse of America's future? Author: JOHN RUBINO Since the beginning of recorded history, people have viewed gold as 1) money and 2) something to be replaced by sexier financial instruments whenever possible. Today’s fiat currencies, for instance, exist because governments find creating “wealth” out of thin air much more fun than living with a fixed money supply. And[...]

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