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Will Russia Turn to Gold to Save the Ruble? Possible Pivot in the Financial War.

March 24, 2022 Originally published by QTR's Fringe Finance Russia Will Backstop The Ruble With Gold. The backstopping of the Ruble with gold can come in many forms and doesn’t have to be a direct peg from the Ruble to gold - it can include accepting payment for oil in gold. Now that Russia has come right out and said it will only transact in Rubles when selling oil to[...]

Fed Rate Hikes Unlikely Threat to Gold – XAU/USD Moves Off Monthly Low

March 17, 2022 - Despite yesterday’s 25 basis points rate hike announced by the US Federal Reserve, gold has regained its positive traction and risen above $1,940.  Fed Chair Powell has indicated that additional rate hikes are under consideration in the coming months and the consensus is for a total of seven rate hikes by year’s end. Contrary to the belief that an increase in interest[...]


March 2, 2022 - Following a powerful move through $1,900, gold eased a bit early Wednesday and is now trading around $1,930 per ounce.  Front-month silver futures advanced 4.8% Tuesday to $25.54 an ounce on Comex and is up 6.4% so far this week. Silver surged 8.8% in February after dropping 4.1% in January. It fell 12% in 2021. The big show in the precious metals complex is[...]

Russia Ukraine Tensions Put Strong Bid in for Commodities

February 22, 2022 - The escalating tension between Russia and Ukraine is roiling global markets across the board. Equity markets are pointing to this geopolitical situation as today's reason for stocks continuing their 2022 decline. Conversely, commodity markets are adding to their already robust gains this year, as Russia is one of the largest suppliers of commodities globally. The[...]

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