Month: July 2024

A New Silver Peak on the Horizon

Here at Neptune, we often talk to clients about our extra love for silver. The potential to outpace gold, and many other parts of the market, remain strong. As we analyze historical trends and current market dynamics, it becomes evident that silver is on the path to reaching new peaks. Here’s why we may be on our way to witnessing silver attain its highest values ever, both nominally and[...]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Gold Market Insights

Author: Brandon Green Neptune Global, Director of Business Development This week has seen notable movements in the gold market driven by various global factors. The U.S. dollar faced downward pressure due to shifting government policies, which in turn bolstered gold's appeal as a hedge against currency volatility. Meanwhile, central banks continued their trend of increasing gold reserves,[...]

Gold’s Growing Appeal Amid US Debt Concerns

Author: Brandon Green Neptune Global, Director of Business Development The United States is facing an increasingly unsustainable fiscal future. The steady increase in the federal deficit from 2018 to 2023 highlights a worrying trend, especially when considered alongside similar fiscal challenges faced by other developed nations. This situation underscores why gold is becoming an increasingly [...]

Golden Summer Savings

To celebrate summertime, we decided to offer new account holders a sweet deal. Open a new account and receive up to $5,000 in Gold or Silver! Applicable for any new cash account or IRA. No immediate purchase necessary. For every $10,000 purchased: Receive 2% credit for silver Receive 1% credit for gold Receive 1% credit for referred clients Up to $5,000 total in any[...]