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Year: 2023

Someday This Will Happen To Silver – And everything will change

Author: JOHN RUBINO In March 2022, there was a disruption in the nickel market that spiked the metal’s price. The lucky investors and market-makers who owned long futures contracts made fortunes. Just kidding. The exchange on which the futures traded canceled them and stiffed the contract owners. Some of the victims understandably brought suit and were awarded a massive victory [...]

Gold is undervalued, it could reach $2,400: strategist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU_xRCkEixU Philip Petursson, chief investment strategist at IG Wealth Management, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss his view on commodities amid geopolitical concerns. Petursson says he doesn't see the price of oil affected by the war in the Middle East. However, he reminds the audience that oil supply could rapidly shift if the conflict escalates. Furthermore, [...]

Is Gold A Manipulated Market? If so, it’s now manipulated upward

Author: JOHN RUBINO Some readers responded to last Wednesday’s post on gold’s trading pattern (Gold: Resistance Is … Finite) with shock that I didn’t know gold is a manipulated market where technicals don’t matter. This gives us a good jumping-off point for a look at several forms of gold manipulation that have been practiced over the years: Wall Street traders use[...]

Why is Gold Outpacing the Stock Market?

"Gold tends to outperform stocks during periods of fiscal and monetary expansion, price instability, and periods of geopolitical conflict and uncertainty. As such, one might wonder if gold might be the outperformer for the remainder of the 2020s." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TziZGYXl-0 Source: cmegroup.com/openmarkets/economics/2023/Why-Is-Gold-Outpacing-the-Stock-Market.html [...]

Buy Gold Now Or Wait?

Should you buy gold now? Or, should you wait? The pat answer is "it all depends"; which is true, but, it’s an inadequate answer. A bigger problem might be the question itself. Why would someone who is planning to buy gold now decide to wait? Some people might hesitate because they haven't seen the price action they expected. For others, it might be a lack of[...]

What Gold Needs

"Gold needs weak economic data as a catalyst to push prices higher..." trumpeted a headline this past weekend.  In a similar vein is the oft stated claim that "a recession is good for gold".  Several months ago, someone said that all gold needed to move to new highs above $2000 was lower inflation numbers.  Earlier this year, the supposed "catalyst" for higher gold[...]

Central Bank Gold Demand Is Even Stronger Than It Looks

Author: JOHN RUBINO When sales are actually purchases Central banks have morphed recently from net sellers of gold to increasingly aggressive net buyers. And the buying is even more aggressive than it seems. Here’s the story in three charts: When the global financial system nearly imploded in 2008, central banks stopped selling gold and started buying. To put this buying[...]

Some Needed Perspective on Gold and Silver

As the prices for gold and silver continue to vacillate, investors and others who are price dependent might find themselves a bit anxious regarding both metals lack of obligatory action to the upside. One of the most oft-stated arguments in favor of higher prices for gold (particularly) and silver is their presumed sensitivity to inflation.  Simply stated - as inflation gets worse, the[...]

Neptune-GBX® and Fiduciary Trust International Team Up to Provide Precious Metals Investors with Institutional-Quality Custodian, Cash Management & Reporting Services

Strategic Relationship Between Physical-Bullion Trading Platform & Global Wealth Management Provider Work Together to Simplify Investing in Precious Metals WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Neptune-GBX®, an international precious metals dealer and exchange operator, is enhancing its dynamic suite of products and services through a strategic relationship with[...]

Four Signs The Economy Is In Decline

IS ECONOMIC GEAR STUCK IN REVERSE? It is one thing to complain that the economy is not growing, or, that economic activity is slowing; but the charts below indicate something more serious. Economic activity is in decline and the decline might be accelerating. First, lets look at industrial production... Industrial Production Real output for all facilities located in the[...]

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